Sherbrooke: One Can Never Get Enough Of Its Elegance

    We opted for a unique way to explore this beautiful city full of culture, history, heritage, and wildlife. We booked with Sherbrooke greeters in which we get to have a walking tour of Sherbrooke with a local. You can opt for your field of interest in various categories such as agro-tourism, microbreweries, arts, music and nightlife, ornithology, murals etc.

    Places to visit

    • We booked accommodation at the Quality hotel and suites, which costs us around INR 7000 per day. They served delicious hot breakfasts.
    • We started our visit with Beckett woods; an urban forest of old times marveling at the rich flora and fauna, long stretched paths and family history. Our kids loved to watch birds and aquatic plants at Real D. Carbonneau Marsh. The walk on its wooden walkways was very relaxing.
    • We did hike at Mount Bellevue; it was amazing to get a sight of the whole city from such heights.
    • Next day started with visiting the Beauvoir Sanctuary, which had a nice open-air chapel. As it was August and our friends Tommy & Sarah who run Ultimate Roofing back in the states had a short trip, we had to decide what we were going to see over the next couple of days.  We decided to go fishing at Domaine Howard. It comprised of not only a pond, but also gardens, buildings and mosaiculture a lot of people were mediating around. We took a stroll at Jacques Cartier Park.
    • The “cento” is a hub of the history of the city with its walking paths around. In downtown, we visited Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum. The ticket price for an adult was $14 and for our infant, it cost just $10.
    • We did the wine tasting at La Halte Des Pèlerins. The sitting area and boutique were lovely. Don’t forget to book your slot beforehand with them.

    • We spent around 2 hours in Uplands Culture and Heritage Center. If you happen to visit Sherbrooke in December, we can get delighted of Christmas tea in this museum.
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    Montpellier: The Style Capital Of The Country Just Got More Stylish

    Montpellier is a city famous for panache and style. The city depicts the rich heritage and architecture of France. Here are five must-visit spots of Montpellier.

    • Place De La Comedie

    It is an eastern link which connects Old Montpellier to the newly formed districts. It has a multitude of restaurants, bars, and shops. In the heart of the Place De La Comedie, there is a three graces fountain, which dates back to its origin in 1790. It is an important landmark as it shows the Charities, emblem of Montpelier. A tip, visit it during the night to experience the beauty of its blue light.

    • Pavillon Populaire

    It is an art building on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle. This art nouveau building was built in the 19th century. There are always some or the other exhibition going on in its premises.

    • Montpellier Zoological Park

    The zoo was created in 1964. It has around 750 animals belonging to 140 different species of animals, including Syrian brown bears, white rhinos and cheetahs. There are enclosures related to six distinctive biozones of the world. We took our kids to the zoo’s educational farm with sheep and goats for feeding.

    • L’Ecusson (Old Montpellier)

    There is the maze of streets for strolling with residences which date back from the 1600s and 1700s. The houses have wooden doors and courtyards inside. There are many shops and restaurants around the premises of L’Ecusson adding to the social ambiance.

    • Porte Du Peyrou

    This triumphal arch was designed by Francois Dorbay and constructed fully by 1693. There are 103 steps to the summit from where a full view of Montpellier with its surroundings. The architecture of it is interesting. We walked to it from Place De Comedy. There are many coffee shops around the arch.

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    Rotorua: Capture The Inner Depths Of New Zealand At Rotorua

    Rotorua is abundant in the New Zealand Culture and incredible geothermal activity, surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests. It is an adventure capital of the North Island. I spent two days at Rotorua where I got in-depth learning about the history and background of the country.

    Places to visit

    I went to Te-Puia, one of the most unusual arts and crafts centers where around 90-minute ride, I learned a lot about Maori culture. We witnessed practical training in weaving. The other attraction there was Air Tours one can view the plenty of geysers through the aerial views. The view was spectacular. One may even discover the hidden land of the mountain of Tarawera.

    I attended Cultural performance of Maori, quite entertaining and uplifting Hangi meal where they how food is prepared amongst them. The cultural show, Kapa Haka was very educational and cheerful dances with the importance of customs.  I also visited the Conservation Center for Kiwis, the biggest in New Zealand and was incepted in 1995.

    I even took travel to Rotorua Luge. It is unique, and we were enjoying the scenery around. On the tour of the farms located at the Agrodome, I got to see more than 15 different breeds of sheep on the stage and witnessed a live shearing demo along.

    Rotorua is a city located in the North Island in New Zealand and is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of this already beautiful country. IT is recommended to stay for at least a week here and relax in the lap of nature. One can witness the entirety of New Zealand culture and trust me; they are extremely friendly and fun to be with. Also, the expenses here are minimal as compared to the other tourist infested parts of the country.

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    Come See Why Naha Is Getting Popular

    There are two reasons which make this place extremely intriguing to me even before I researched about what exactly it was holding for us. We sure know those anecdotes of a word that mean something super hilarious in another language. Same was the case with Naha that could translate into a word close to the meaning of bathing, and yes, I fell off my chair laughing while pulling one of the guys’ legs. The other thing which I was curious about that how being super addicted to traveling, I wasn’t aware of Naha.

    Well, I found my answers, mainly because people are rarely exposed to this part of Japan during their trips here and are mostly limited to the famous and well-known places like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. 

    So here I bring you this blog to enlighten you about Naha! Yes, let’s go.

    Well, when starting from the very start, Naha is the capital of the Okinawa prefecture. If you ever happen to research about Japan, you would always find the ever existing word known as the prefecture, which means a region which consists of the towns and cities. Naha is spread over an area of 39.32kmand very surprisingly has a population of 700,000.

    Places to visit

    This place has a lot to explore more on the terms of adventure sports, and it’s few landmarks rather than food. The areas which can be considered to be visited are the Shuri castle, Sonohyan Utaki, Naminoue Shrine, Tamaudun Mausoleum along with the History, Pottery museums and Shikinaen Garden. The Makishi Market and the Kokusai Dori can be visited for fun frolic buys.


    As mentioned earlier, it can be an excellent spot to enjoy activities like Kiteboarding, Scuba Diving, and Saltwater fishing. Now when talking about fish, I’m hungry! Come on well that’s a human instinct. The places where you can enjoy good food like fresh Afro rice, Goya Champuru are Afro Nest and Warahondo along with Rehab International, Paddy Macs for the drinks.


    The accommodation facilities are very famous due to amazingly low prices, but you might fall for dirty, unkempt places at low rates, so the areas that can be considered for the stay are Grace Naha, Sora House, Marine West, and Monkeys Inn.

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    Come explore Japan in Kagoshima

    Kagoshima, an area, spread over 547 km squares, a major city that is located in the Kyushu region and is the principal city on the southernmost tip and also the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture. This is according to us, the must-visit town in Japan.

    The city is beautifully laced with palm trees all along the streets which are topped off with the mild climate that is neither too hot nor too cold and somewhat just perfect for travels and stays. These factors are the reasons which are mainly stated for the frequent comparisons which are made to the city Italian city Naples.

    Places to visit

    Sakurajima, which Is a volcano in active status and is located Kagoshima bay and happens to be the main attraction of the city.

    Senganen, a garden in the Japanese styling and form along with the Shiroyama Park, which has viewpoint tower where we could gaze at the fantastic sight of a bird’s view.

    The aquarium of Kagoshima, which is located in the port area as well as the museums like the  Shoko Shuseikan, Meiji Restoration, Reimeikan, city art museum, Nagashima museum, Prefectural museum, modern literature museum among the many another dozen of museums.

    This city was historically a castle town under Lord Shimadzu which has now grown to a living population of about 600,000.

    This place can be efficiently traveled with a ‘Welcome Cute Pass’ that is a one day pass which allows unlimited traveling and is issued by the Kagoshima city transport bureau. This pass can be used for commuting through the city buses which have fixed tourist spots around the downtown area of Kagoshima. Also the city, we traveled at the night hours to see the illuminated structures and famous sites which are rarely seen as most of the trips are scheduled for day hours.


    There are events and programs which are conducted all around the year, which gain a lot of tourists’ attention like Ohara Festival, Rokugatsu Do, Kinko Bay Night Fireworks Festival.

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