Month: February 2019

    Bayreuth: Expect The Unexpected

    Bayreuth was completely an accidental find for me. I had no plans to visit this city on my trip to Germany. It happened in a spur of a moment and I have to say that we never regretted this decision. In case you are planning to visit this city, there are a few things that you should not miss out on.

    Drink your heart out

    Beer is one of the most available drinks in this city. As a matter of fact, it is a part of their culture. Among all the breweries present here, make sure that you pay a visit to one or two.

    If you want you can pay a visit to the beer museum. However, it is too cool to be called a museum. I had a great time here. I enjoyed the food at Liebesbier, the restaurant that you will find inside the museum.

    Stroll around Bayreuther Catacombs

    Take a walk around the Bayreuther Catacombs. However, like the one in Paris, it doesn’t have dead bodies or skeletons. The underground tour will give you refuge from the burning heat of the sun. A walk gave me an insight into the historic underground world of the city.

    Enjoy the museums

    I was surprised to find out that this city several museums to be explored. If you are interested in music and art, there is something out there for you. This will give you a cultural knowledge about the city. As a matter of fact, there are some museums which are unique to Bayreuth. Some of them are the Small Poster Museum and the German Typewriter Museum.

    Visit the church

    It has one of the stunning views that you get to enjoy it in the City Church. It is located centrally and here you can just admire the rooftops of the city. I went for a guided tour to find out more about the place.

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    Grand Bend: Experience A Beachy Vacation

    Nestled at the Lake Huron Southwestern Ontario, the best beaches in Canada are to be found here. The water safety of these beaches is really commendable. The sandy beaches attract many travelers all throughout the year. I also loved the nightlife that these beaches have to offer. Grand Bend has so much more to offer than just the beaches. Take a look at some of the things you should check out when you are in Grand Bend.

    • Pinery Provincial Park

    This stretch of sandy beach is close to Grand Bend. Take a drive to this park to enjoy the view.  I found the water blue and clean. However, the beach might be a little rocky. Enjoy the various facilities offered by the park. I went hiking on the trail. Canoeing through the water can be a great experience, too. Nonetheless, do not fail to taste the ice-cream sold it. If you love camping, there are arrangements available at the park. I stayed still sunset to catch a glimpse of the orange water. It was a heavenly sight to behold.

    • Grand Bend Beach

    This is surely the best place to visit. The soft sand and the warm water beach are frequented by travelers, as well as locales. There are bars, cafes, and shops on the main street. In case you are traveling with children, there are playgrounds for them to enjoy. There are different activities to take part in. I went parasailing over the sea other than taking a dip in the sea.

    • The Pinery Flea Market

    Looking for things to do in the afternoon, I planned to visit the Pinery, Flea Market. Here, you will find fresh vegetables, baked goods, crafts, and antiques. Shop your heart’s content at these shops. You will also find hats, t-shirts, and clothing. In case you want to relax, the beer garden with live music is the place to be.

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