Come explore Japan in Kagoshima

    Kagoshima, an area, spread over 547 km squares, a major city that is located in the Kyushu region and is the principal city on the southernmost tip and also the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture. This is according to us, the must-visit town in Japan.

    The city is beautifully laced with palm trees all along the streets which are topped off with the mild climate that is neither too hot nor too cold and somewhat just perfect for travels and stays. These factors are the reasons which are mainly stated for the frequent comparisons which are made to the city Italian city Naples.

    Places to visit

    Sakurajima, which Is a volcano in active status and is located Kagoshima bay and happens to be the main attraction of the city.

    Senganen, a garden in the Japanese styling and form along with the Shiroyama Park, which has viewpoint tower where we could gaze at the fantastic sight of a bird’s view.

    The aquarium of Kagoshima, which is located in the port area as well as the museums like the  Shoko Shuseikan, Meiji Restoration, Reimeikan, city art museum, Nagashima museum, Prefectural museum, modern literature museum among the many another dozen of museums.

    This city was historically a castle town under Lord Shimadzu which has now grown to a living population of about 600,000.

    This place can be efficiently traveled with a ‘Welcome Cute Pass’ that is a one day pass which allows unlimited traveling and is issued by the Kagoshima city transport bureau. This pass can be used for commuting through the city buses which have fixed tourist spots around the downtown area of Kagoshima. Also the city, we traveled at the night hours to see the illuminated structures and famous sites which are rarely seen as most of the trips are scheduled for day hours.


    There are events and programs which are conducted all around the year, which gain a lot of tourists’ attention like Ohara Festival, Rokugatsu Do, Kinko Bay Night Fireworks Festival.

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