Come See Why Naha Is Getting Popular

    There are two reasons which make this place extremely intriguing to me even before I researched about what exactly it was holding for us. We sure know those anecdotes of a word that mean something super hilarious in another language. Same was the case with Naha that could translate into a word close to the meaning of bathing, and yes, I fell off my chair laughing while pulling one of the guys’ legs. The other thing which I was curious about that how being super addicted to traveling, I wasn’t aware of Naha.

    Well, I found my answers, mainly because people are rarely exposed to this part of Japan during their trips here and are mostly limited to the famous and well-known places like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. 

    So here I bring you this blog to enlighten you about Naha! Yes, let’s go.

    Well, when starting from the very start, Naha is the capital of the Okinawa prefecture. If you ever happen to research about Japan, you would always find the ever existing word known as the prefecture, which means a region which consists of the towns and cities. Naha is spread over an area of 39.32kmand very surprisingly has a population of 700,000.

    Places to visit

    This place has a lot to explore more on the terms of adventure sports, and it’s few landmarks rather than food. The areas which can be considered to be visited are the Shuri castle, Sonohyan Utaki, Naminoue Shrine, Tamaudun Mausoleum along with the History, Pottery museums and Shikinaen Garden. The Makishi Market and the Kokusai Dori can be visited for fun frolic buys.


    As mentioned earlier, it can be an excellent spot to enjoy activities like Kiteboarding, Scuba Diving, and Saltwater fishing. Now when talking about fish, I’m hungry! Come on well that’s a human instinct. The places where you can enjoy good food like fresh Afro rice, Goya Champuru are Afro Nest and Warahondo along with Rehab International, Paddy Macs for the drinks.


    The accommodation facilities are very famous due to amazingly low prices, but you might fall for dirty, unkempt places at low rates, so the areas that can be considered for the stay are Grace Naha, Sora House, Marine West, and Monkeys Inn.

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