Milan: The Paradise For Fashion In The World

    Milan is famous for being one of the hubs for fashion in the world. Situated in Italy, it is known in the world for being the fashion capital. I took a train to Milano Centrale from Venice. After having breakfast, hot croissants and coffee, I embarked to explore Milan. I visited the cathedral which is famous in Milan. It is one of the best examples of architecture. It has been dedicated to one of the famous saints in Milan. It took about 6 centuries for its construction, and the cathedral is also one of the largest in the world.  On the top of this cathedral is present a monument of Madonna. It has a vast interior too.

    I visited Saint Grazie. It is also known as the Church for the Holy Mary. It has a wonderful mural of Leonardo da Vinci. Then I went to Biblioteca Ambrosiana where they housed manuscripts that have been taken from different parts of the world and Benedictine monasteries. During the night, I went to the Teatro Alla Scala – the house for the opera that hosts wonderful shows.

    The next day I went shopping for one of the most famous brands in Milan. Since this is famous for purchasing of clothes and other apparel brands, make sure that you have a strong budget because the collections that you are going to get here will be unmatched with any other city of the world.

    Thus, I had the perfect European city break. It was a pretty trip and it is recommended that you visit this place for at least a week. Make sure that the time you spend here is spent on shopping and going through the history and emergence of the various fashion houses which have been ruling the business across the world today.

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