Montpellier: The Style Capital Of The Country Just Got More Stylish

    Montpellier is a city famous for panache and style. The city depicts the rich heritage and architecture of France. Here are five must-visit spots of Montpellier.

    • Place De La Comedie

    It is an eastern link which connects Old Montpellier to the newly formed districts. It has a multitude of restaurants, bars, and shops. In the heart of the Place De La Comedie, there is a three graces fountain, which dates back to its origin in 1790. It is an important landmark as it shows the Charities, emblem of Montpelier. A tip, visit it during the night to experience the beauty of its blue light.

    • Pavillon Populaire

    It is an art building on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle. This art nouveau building was built in the 19th century. There are always some or the other exhibition going on in its premises.

    • Montpellier Zoological Park

    The zoo was created in 1964. It has around 750 animals belonging to 140 different species of animals, including Syrian brown bears, white rhinos and cheetahs. There are enclosures related to six distinctive biozones of the world. We took our kids to the zoo’s educational farm with sheep and goats for feeding.

    • L’Ecusson (Old Montpellier)

    There is the maze of streets for strolling with residences which date back from the 1600s and 1700s. The houses have wooden doors and courtyards inside. There are many shops and restaurants around the premises of L’Ecusson adding to the social ambiance.

    • Porte Du Peyrou

    This triumphal arch was designed by Francois Dorbay and constructed fully by 1693. There are 103 steps to the summit from where a full view of Montpellier with its surroundings. The architecture of it is interesting. We walked to it from Place De Comedy. There are many coffee shops around the arch.

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