Nantes: The Duke City Must Be Your Next Destination

    Nantes is located on River Loire. It is called the city of Duke in France. Here are five must-visit spots in Nantes.

    • Cathedral De Saint-Pierre Et Saint-Paul

    It is a huge cathedral with a seating capacity of 1000. It is in a very picturesque location. The cathedral is built in white stone and has vertical columns, adding beauty to the stonework. The tomb tells a story of a girl named Anne, who became duchess at age of 10 and then was married to the other nobility. There are many good cafes around it. The guide costs us just 50 cents.

    • Ch√Ęteau Des Ducs De Bretagne

    It is the most famous landmark of Nantes. It is a castle situated on the riverbank of the Loire. It was once used for the center of Brittany’s historical province. A lot of exhibitions are housed in the castle on and off throughout the year. It has no fee for admission. We had a brunch picnic around the castle.

    • Jardin De Plantes

    It is a lush green botanical garden. It has around 10,00 living species and approximately 5000 flowers. The north end of the park has greenhouses stretched across 800 square meters. Our daughter loved the sleeping model, paper flower in ponds, cat-shaped bush and fun beaches scattered around. There is also a goat petting area. I enjoyed the poisonous plants, garden with the scale of 1 to 5. The flower beds were very lovely. It is free to walk in.

    • Le Machines De L’lle

    It is a cultural and tourist project of Nantes It is a museum or you can call it a theme park done very artistically. The demonstrations of rideable animals are not only for kids, but also for people from all kinds of age.

    • Natural History Museum Of Nantes

    It is a neoclassical building constructed with collections of minerals, animal bones, and taxidermy. The building has been constructed with elegance.

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