Sherbrooke: One Can Never Get Enough Of Its Elegance

    We opted for a unique way to explore this beautiful city full of culture, history, heritage, and wildlife. We booked with Sherbrooke greeters in which we get to have a walking tour of Sherbrooke with a local. You can opt for your field of interest in various categories such as agro-tourism, microbreweries, arts, music and nightlife, ornithology, murals etc.

    Places to visit

    • We booked accommodation at the Quality hotel and suites, which costs us around INR 7000 per day. They served delicious hot breakfasts.
    • We started our visit with Beckett woods; an urban forest of old times marveling at the rich flora and fauna, long stretched paths and family history. Our kids loved to watch birds and aquatic plants at Real D. Carbonneau Marsh. The walk on its wooden walkways was very relaxing.
    • We did hike at Mount Bellevue; it was amazing to get a sight of the whole city from such heights.
    • Next day started with visiting the Beauvoir Sanctuary, which had a nice open-air chapel. As it was August and our friends Tommy & Sarah who run Ultimate Roofing back in the states had a short trip, we had to decide what we were going to see over the next couple of days.  We decided to go fishing at Domaine Howard. It comprised of not only a pond, but also gardens, buildings and mosaiculture a lot of people were mediating around. We took a stroll at Jacques Cartier Park.
    • The “cento” is a hub of the history of the city with its walking paths around. In downtown, we visited Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum. The ticket price for an adult was $14 and for our infant, it cost just $10.
    • We did the wine tasting at La Halte Des Pèlerins. The sitting area and boutique were lovely. Don’t forget to book your slot beforehand with them.

    • We spent around 2 hours in Uplands Culture and Heritage Center. If you happen to visit Sherbrooke in December, we can get delighted of Christmas tea in this museum.
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